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For years, brands treated social media as a one-way broadcast channel. Today, many marketers insist that companies need to officially shift to a two-way conversation mindset. That social is a place for brands to talk to their audience. But that one little word, “to”, is still a blocker. The more advanced mindset is “talk WITH your audience”. It’s like a party. No one wants to have a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves. They want to talk to the person who makes them feel smart and cool, and introduces them to other smart and cool people at the party. But the conversation mindset still means that brands think they’re the destination and the host. That they get to drive this conversation, and there’s still an underlying assumption that at some point, the audience will become the customers. In this session, we’ll explore the new rules of social media, as a place for humans to foster genuine relationships, built on a foundation of trust, with moments of delight.

At the end of this session you’ll understand:

The social media spectrum to build trust and long-term value exchange
Frameworks to build employee brands and narratives to leverage real people in the feed
Real-world examples of B2B companies making social media work for their marketing goals

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Ashley Faus

Content Strategy Lead


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10:40AM - Day 1

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