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After a decade of heavy investment, many brands are finding that AI solutions for marketing suffer from all the weaknesses of its predecessors: short-term gains that don’t turn into long-term growth. Over-targeting of some customers. Under-targeting of others.

Your customers aren’t robots. But most artificial intelligence tools treat them like they are. They assume that people always follow the same patterns of behaviour: if I bought something this time last year, I’m definitely going to buy it again this year.

In this talk, Josh Muncke, Director of Consumer at Faculty (an AI specialist technology company) will show how the latest artificial intelligence techniques can help marketers better understand how their customers might behave. He’ll discuss and illustrate with examples:

  • Why using AI incorrectly can cause problematic biases, create feedback loops and destroy value for brands
  • How most AI relies on spotting correlations, instead of understanding the causes of consumer behaviour
  • How new approaches in AI can deliver enormous benefits vs. the traditional methods
  • Common challenges that arise when adopting AI solutions and how to successfully integrate AI techniques into your organisation

Associated Speakers:

Josh Muncke

Director of Consumer


Associated Talks:

12:50PM - Day 1

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