Day 1 - 23 June 2022


Marketing In The Metaverse

The rise of augmented reality and virtual reality will continue in 2022 but how to you integrate this in your content strategy? This session will explore how use VR and AR in your campaigns and why its market critical to engage younger audiences.

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Panel: Building Experiences through Storytelling

  • Top tips in 2022 for creating compelling campaigns that will engage, retain and resonate with customers
  • Reviewing the need of creating personalised content experiences
  • Why data-driven storytelling will support visually stunning stories but cut through the noise online
  • Discussing how being customer-centric & customer led storytelling will enhance brand experiences
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Leading a empathic & value-driven content strategy

  • Exploring how brands can deliver value-driven content
  • How the pandemic has re-shaped customers who now expect brands to speak authentically and with empathy
  • Why addressing sustainability, diversity, inclusion and social responsibility will be the norm and cant be ignore


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Morning Networking Break


Janis Thomas

Ecommerce & Marketing Director

Look Fabulous Forever

Associated Talks:

12:30PM - Day 1

View Building for continuous improvement

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Building for continuous improvement

. Janis Thomas, Ecommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever
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Lunch & Networking Break


Panel: Content Marketing trends in 2022 & beyond

  • Video is the future – but how can brands effectively use video & live streams to create impact and reaction
  • The importance of creating omnichannel campaigns and optimizing content
  • Delivering dynamic content & enhancing customer experience
  • Looking to the future – how effective storytelling will generate ROI
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Afternoon Networking Break


Anoo Mehmi

Global Digital strategy lead


Associated Talks:

03:30PM - Day 1

View Cutting through traffic with your content

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Cutting through traffic with your content

  • Exploring the content lifecycle and how to make improvements for the performance of your content
  • Understanding the challenges marketers face and how to cut through the traffic
  • When and where to use paid and organic content
  • How to create digital experiences with your content and re-engage customers to keep coming back
. Anoo Mehmi, Global Digital strategy lead, ConvaTec
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Panel: The importance of diversity, inclusion and brand responsibility

  • Consumers expect more than ever from their brands. Now what?
  • Is brand “responsibility” a value proposition for consumers?
  • Why brand marketing must align with company values, culture, and strategy (talking the talk without walking the walk: a cautionary tale)
  • Building brand relationships through authentic customer experience
  • What is the marketing function’s role in building responsible brands?
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