Day 2 - 24 May 2019

Data & Disruptive Tech


Data & Disruptive Tech – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Evolution of your Marketing Strategy with Tech

  • Evolution of tech and what this means for marketing strategy
  • Mobile Disruption with UX changes
  • How voice search is changing the metrics for voice
  • How does content need to evolve for updates to how users are engaging with it?
  • The future of data collection – what is important?
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Panel: How will Disruptive Technology Trends Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

  • Which disruptive technologies which are passing fads or here to stay?
  • How should marketers use disruptive technologies to enhance campaigns?
  • The impact of Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, AI, VR and AR on customer experience
  • How to integrate new tech to shape consumer experience & make purchases.
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 4 – Day 2

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Networking Break


Jerome Pineau

Chief Digital Officer

La Maison Hubert

Associated Talks:

09:30AM - Day 2

View Panel: Future-proofing your Digital Team & Strategy

12:10AM - Day 2

View Blockchain: What’s the Hype and the Impact within Marketing

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Blockchain: What’s the Hype and the Impact within Marketing

. Jerome Pineau, Chief Digital Officer , La Maison Hubert
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Lunchtime Sponsor Presentation 5 – Day 2

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The Importance of Optimisation for Conversion : How to Really Connect with Your Target Audience

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Networking Lunch


Panel: Enhancing Customer Journeys: Digital, Data & Analytics

  • Discussing the latest data-driven technologies that help to make the most of cross-platform behavioural targeting
  • The importance of integrating different sources of data into campaigns
  • Taking your personalisation to the next level via customer data
  • How to translate Big Data into insights
  • Understanding predictive analytics & the importance of understanding your data
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Nick Wilsdon

SEO Lead - Global Channel Optimisation


Associated Talks:

03:10PM - Day 2

View How Should Brands Implement a SEO and Voice Strategy

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How Should Brands Implement a SEO and Voice Strategy

. Nick Wilsdon, SEO Lead - Global Channel Optimisation, Vodafone
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The Future of Customer Privacy & Data Marketing

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Close of Conference