Day 2 - 24 June 2022


Fundamental importance of understanding UX in Marketing

  • How is User experience is more than just usability?
  • Why is good UX is no longer a luxury – it’s a customer expectation
  • Why marketers should start looking at UX
  • How Content is Vital to User experience
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Panel: Evolving the Omnichannel Experience

  • Exploring the importance of seamless and immersive experiences online and beyond
  • Reviewing the next big trends
  • The impact of  “Social Commerce”
  • Technology how to drive your omnichannel strategies forward
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Consumer trends impacting your eCommerce strategy

Understanding consumers impacts how brands react, personalise and present their products throughout omnichannel experiences. This session will review current and future consumer trends and how marketer needs to be prepared for the impact in their eCommerce strategies.

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Panel: Exploring Personalisation & Delivering Unique Experiences

  • Reviewing the importance of e-commerce personalisation for consumers in 2022
  • How to create personalised experiences with data insights
  • Tactics and learning lessons from brands with personalisation across omnichannel
  • How loyalty and personalisation always work together to connect brands with customers and vice-versa


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Creating authentic connections with customers online

  • What an “end-to-end customer experience” is and how to build it remarkably
  • How to make it easy for the customer to contact you but also make sure they don’t have to
  • Using the advantages of being online, rather than recreating an in-person experience
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