How to create an effective content strategy for your digital marketing conference?

By: Evie Harrison

March 19, 2019


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In today’s marketing world, nearly everything revolves around digital platforms. By 2020, businesses will be spending $110 billion on digital ads in the US. For the smallest events and promotions, you need to make a plan for online coverage. Similarly, the content strategy for your digital marketing conference also requires a tone that matches a relevant digital channel. This will attract the audience and build a loyal follower base for your upcoming conference.

The main marker for the buildup of any content strategy is time. To manage time well, the whole strategy must to broken down into steps.

Here’s a guide to creating a solid content strategy for your digital marketing conference, which will also prove useful for future conferences:


Content plan should be initiated after thorough research of your target audience and sponsors. Next is an in-depth analysis of the design and structure of the content plan, which will determine its success. Don’t fall in the trap of adopting a content strategy that already exists on the internet, because it doesn’t completely determine your unique conference plan. The opportunity, tone, and criteria differ by your target audience and conference categories.

For website and blogging, you can start keyword research through a tool like SEMrush to find relevant keywords that can boost your ranking in the SERPs. When you find the list of relevant keywords, it will be time to make a keyword strategy for deployment purposes. SEO also increases the visibility of your conference, so that relevant people can talk about your conference and share the details with others. Keyword theory applies for social mediums as well, because they help in showing your profile in search results.

Here you can browse the best content marketing articles on latest strategies, trends, various tools and ideas for marketers to stay up to date on content marketing trends in 2019.


Content can then be altered according to the need and duration of the pre-hype session. If you are working with a team that is based out of different cities, a helpful platform like Slack or Trello will benefit planning and scheduling. Moreover, these platforms also have push notification settings which can guide the team as soon as someone makes an update.

In content planning, consider conferences that have happened before, and don’t repeat the mistakes that arose back then. Digital marketing conferences specifically ask for content that is based on the trends of today, and an outdated plan will not prove beneficial, so even if something worked back then, there is a chance that it might not be applicable anymore. Many companies use their conferences to share their contributions in the field like Social Bakers shared their Instagram study in their Engage conference.

Lastly, you should get the best design team onboard that can make the content look 2x more attractive. If your design is meh, there is a high chance that people will ignore it because of its lackluster projection. To avoid this basic loophole, make sure your teams are always updated about each other’s progress and everyone benefits from each other’s research.

Pilot mode:

While you and your team go through every piece of information that has to go online and offline, make sure you thoroughly scrutinize it. Many companies come up with content to be posted in pilot mode, just to check if it performs well.  

Content for the landing pages:

While you’re optimizing the content for your upcoming digital marketing conference, website content must be your main priority. The website is where all the interested attendees and sponsors will arrive to gain information. It is your job to craft pages that dissipate correct information most concisely.

One of the most important aspects of site content is landing pages. These need to be very catchy and informative at the same time. Consider your prime goal to gather as many registrations for the conference through minimalistic landing pages that have a subscription form. A carefully-described selling proposition or image with altered graphics can do justice to the whole idea. Videos, testimonials, infographics and solid call-to-actions can complement a landing page in the best way.

Robust analysis:

As you undergo pilot mode, you will receive data that can help to alter and tailor the content you’re putting up. Strong analytics are the need of today, be it for usual marketing or event marketing. Analytics tell you all about user preferences and things that are not performing well. The content put up in pilot mode has more chances of being rescued than a poorly-built strategy for the actual hype phase.

This will determine the performance statistics and improvement suggestions. A team of highly skilled analytics experts can be assigned to carry out checks and balance what’s working and what’s not. For example, 52 percent of agencies that use landing pages, also test their effectiveness, which improves conversions. With analytics in check, your landing pages will also become optimized.

The analytical experts will also define key demographics to target, relevant age groups, topics of interests, etc. With that in mind, marketers will know exactly which channels are working and which ideas can be refined further.

Partner up:

When you are in the process of arranging a digital marketing conference, it automatically means that the stage is open for others to participate and do their bit. It involves inviting sponsors, speakers and other stakeholders of the field. Here is how you can make a sponsorship proposal.

With the help of these people, a wise and beneficial panel comes into shape. Partners also help to establish your authority in the digital media community. The content plan must also be aligned with sponsor needs and requirements. Partners and sponsors also act as referrals to promote the conference. This helps to gain an engaged audience and work on a plan that benefits all parties involved. While the authority of the content lies with you, consulting with partners on some decisions like ads and printables is always a good idea.


Keep in mind that the success of your conference strategy will rely heavily on the messages you sent through content strategy. The experience you will seek from any competitor or predecessor will be the determinant of what you need to do even better.

Brainstorm content ideas with your team and senior management before reaching to a conclusion and then evaluate the loopholes to determine betterment options. Whatever you finalize in the end should be well-versed and checked through many frames of reference. These are the basic ideas that you can use to start up the process of content building for your upcoming digital marketing conference.

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