Human Touch: Exploring the Power of Account-Based Marketing at DMWF

By: Jen Brown

June 6, 2019


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For many people, having a well-established relationship with a local grocer or shopkeeper is a distant memory. For many others, it’s a phenomenon that only exists in old movies and TV series. The digitisation of nearly everything has made doing business – whether buying groceries or millions of dollars of software – a fairly impersonal proposition.

That said, humans thrive on making connections with one another and interacting in authentic, personalised ways. This makes for an interesting challenge: Keeping things personal in a world that runs on screens.

The Power of Personalisation

At Sprinklr, we’re embracing those screens to build and nurture personal connections with prospects. Using our own social listening capabilities, we can spot opportunities to perform the virtual equivalent of dropping in to say hello.

Here’s an example of how we approach Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Lyft is a prospect, and when we saw that Joy Howard was leaving Sonos to become the rideshare’s CMO,  our Customer Experience Center (CXC) – a group of community managers and graphic designers – quickly developed a message to wish her good luck.

The result? An earnest thank you from Joy:

Our CXC also struck up a personalised, digital conversation with Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar based on remarks he made about his approach to marketing:

A 1:1 Approach to DMWF

On the ground at DMWF, we worked hard to mirror our digital ABM approach. At our stand, we spoke with [dozens] of people from a wide range of brands – not selling, not pitching, just telling them about ourselves and learning about their interests. We also interacted with conference-goers on social media, urging them to visit our stand and watch Grad Conn, Sprinklr’s Chief Experience and Marketing Officer (CXMO), deliver his remarks during his day one keynote and day two panel session.
I was in attendance for Grad’s presentation, and having joined Sprinklr recently, it was my first chance to see him in action. It was exciting (and inspiring) to hear him explain the examples I discussed above – along with a few others – and lay out the fundamentals of building a CXC and reaching prospects in a 1:1 manner.

Prioritising a Human Touch

At Sprinklr, we recognise that not every personal engagement on social media will lead to a sale. Nevertheless, we think our approach is preferable to the sterile and repetitive sales emails that many companies send.

It also reflects our underlying goal: empowering the world’s biggest brands to make their customers happy. People want to be treated as, well, people. That’s become harder to do in the digital age, and so we’re proud to practice what we preach by treating potential customers as individuals with unique interests and areas of expertise.

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