Interactive Content Ideas For Your Marketing Event

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

September 5, 2019


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Interactive content can help you promote and engage with your audience at conferences and events. We have been saying this forever. We realized that we should be writing it instead.

So here we are with a detailed blog that will help you engage your conference/event attendees, and promote your brand through interactive content. Moreover, we will be spilling out some tips on using interactive content while presenting at marketing events! In fact, whether you are presenting, organizing or simply attending the event, we have got some solid interactive ideas for you.

Interactive content can help you increase customer engagement and brand awareness both at your booth and during your speech. Furthermore, it can help you generate qualified leads, upsell your product and provide product education and training to leads.
Sounds too good to be true? Allow us to explain.

1) ROI Calculators

You can include interactive content in your event booths. All you need is a device with an internet connection. You can create an interactive calculator that helps your potential Leads calculate the ROI of using your product. The ROI of every potential lead will be personalized according to their responses and prove the value your tool can provide to their business. Moreover, it will help you generate leads rapidly as you can include a lead gen form right before the results page.

Let’s assume you are representing a company that offers email marketing services. An ROI calculator like this one would be a perfect use case to engage with people at your booth:

2) Run Contests

You can create interactive contests and giveaways to engage with conference/event attendees during the event. There are several ways you can go about it:

A) Outgrow Assessments

Outgrow Assessments can help you create contests that test your event attendees. You can attach incentives according to their performance. Let’s assume you are representing a company that provides social media marketing services. A simple assessment like this one can help you attract a lot of attention from attendees. The attendees who score well in your assessment can be rewarded with a prize like hoodies, t-shirts or Amazon vouchers!

Pro Tip: Have a look at this blog on how to create assessments on Outgrow.

B) Tweets From The Conference

You can run contests on Twitter that revolve around your event booth or speech. Furthermore, your audience members can share their results on social media with your preferred hashtag, company and event tag. This will help you increase your brand awareness and might help startups in demand generation. You can give a free amazon Alexa or a gift card for the top contest winners. You can also have a leaderboard that is shown at your booth throughout the event so people can see where they stack up relative to others!

3) Polls

You can use surveys and polls to engage with your attendees during a speech or at your booth. Sometimes, it gets boring to listen to an expert speak for 40 minutes uninterrupted. No matter how interesting it is. Including an Outgrow interactive poll can help you engage your attendees with your speech. If you are delivering a speech on Content Marketing, this poll might not be a great addition:

But this doesn’t end there, you can use polls to share the word even after your event is finished. It will help you maintain continued engagement with your attendees and audience members. Have a look at this interactive poll by Outgrow for the MozCon Event in 2017.

Your attendees can give their opinion about your event booth/speech and that can help you extract insights from your surveys. Moreover, the entire premise of a poll is that there are other people who have interacted with it. This establishes social proof and increases your poll responses exponentially.

4) Outcome Quizzes

It is common knowledge that the best way to engage your audience is through targeted efforts. But how can you do that while attending an event live? Well, interactive content can help you there as well. It is extremely hard to attract attendees to your booth at marketing events. There are just too many choices! So, a fun outcome quiz might help attract and engage attendees to your booth.

Moreover, you can promote your event speech or booth with outcome quizzes as well. Interactive content is inherently engaging and tends to go viral on social media channels. In fact, the most shared quiz in the last 5 years has gotten a total of 5.4 million social interactions. Here are some ideas for quizzes that you can create to promote your part in the marketing event:

1) Which DMWF Speaker Is Your Spirit Double

2) Which CXL Speech Can Help Your Company Grow

3) Which MozCon Event Is Made For You

Of course, the list doesn’t stop here, but then neither do the interactive content ideas now!


How else can you use interactive content to optimize your marketing events to the fullest? We want to know your thoughts on the same. Hit us up with all those amazing ideas!

About The Author

This is a guest post written by Etee Dubey, a full-time content marketer at Outgrow and part-time dreamer. In her free time, she catches up with her reading and often finds herself explaining the meaning of her eccentric name to people around her.