Cwikwin (Pronounced Quick Win) is a new age digital marketing platform offering measured and undiluted brand engagement. In 2014, Cwikwin began its story from Middle East’s digital media hub, Dubai and has expanded to the most happening digital markets of South and South East Asia, namely India & Philippines. Over 100 brands including, Zomato, Sony, Xiaomi, Novotel and Taco Bell have created campaigns on Cwikwin. Cwikwin’s presence on app, web and social media gives brands an unprecedented 360 degree digital reach and connect. By projecting brand communication as the content, Cwikwin provides a unique marketing experience to its clients. Cwikwin’s gamified model optimizes brands’ spend on time, creativity and money and results in higher recall.


For more information and to get an experience of the Cwikwin app, please visit Cwikwin website can be accessed at If you would like to explore any campaigns with us, please write to [email protected]

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