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This story began in Oslo in 2001, just after the dotcom bubble burst. Jorn Lyseggen deposited $15,000 into a brand new business bank account, courtesy of the Norwegian Science Foundation. He had a business partner, a coffee machine, some used furniture, and borrowed office space in a Norwegian shipyard shack.

He also had a big idea.

The idea was simple: to make business decisions across the globe both easier and more powerful by harnessing public information living on the Internet, and use it to deliver valuable insights that weren’t accessible without technology.

Meltwater quickly grew into Norway’s leading media monitoring solution—and then the rest of Europe’s. We expanded our services beyond monitoring to include engagement and analysis features. Today we are one of the largest media intelligence companies in the world, with San Francisco headquarters and offices in 20 countries and 41 cities. Our truly global/local presence has earned us more than 23,000 clients in 108 countries. Our nonprofit African incubator, MEST, is a great example as to how we use technology to bridge gaps not only in information, but also in socioeconomics.

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