More U.S. Marketers are Turning to this Tech Solution for Influencer Marketing

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

September 3, 2019


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User-generated content is proven to drive 6.9x higher engagement than brand-generated content online.

Why? Consumers want to hear from other consumers.

Since the dawn of advertising, word-of-mouth referrals have been the marketing holy grail. There’s no denying that someone you trust saying, “How good is that brand?!” is far more powerful than a brand themselves saying, “How good am I?!”

And today’s savvy marketers know that there’s a better way to to find user-generated content.

Turning To Your Own Customers

In its early days, influencer marketing typically involved brands paying for the endorsement of one celebrity influencer – or garnering dozens of influencers with large followings. Now, more businesses have shifted their influencer marketing strategy from ‘macro’ influencers with 100k+ followers, to influencers with smaller followings, confirming all signs that ‘micro-influencers’ are the next big marketing opportunity.

A ‘micro-influencer’ is someone with 3-100k followers on their social accounts. They’re authentic, passionate content creators with small but loyal followings – everyday people who produce beautiful content and engage with their audience.

Instead of paying for one celebrity influencer endorsement or dozens of influencers with large followings, marketers can now harness hundreds of ‘micro-influencers’ to celebrate their brand, authentically.

Using Tech To Manage 100s Of Influencers

Tech platforms like TRIBE connect brands with talented creators to generate user-generated content, allowing you to manage a pool micro-influencers in a fraction of the time it previously took to manage just one celebrity.

And not only can micro-influencers generate a variety and volume of content for your brand, but as customers themselves, they’re experts in creating the content that other consumers want to see.

1. Brands simply submit a brief for the type of content they want, and the influencers they’re wanting to work with. The process of creating a brief only takes minutes, and a quarter of all TRIBE briefs receive a submission within 25 minutes of going live.

2. Once influencers submit content in response to the brief, brands can browse and shortlist all submissions to create a library of user-generated content. Brands are also able to view the influencers who have made these submissions.

3. Brands simply need to choose which submissions they’d like to purchase, and when they’d like influencers to post – all of which can be done from within the app. Once the post is live, brands also have the option of sharing or licensing content for further use.

This means you can build a campaign in minutes, start receiving content within hours and complete your entire influencer marketing campaign in a few days.

Getting Started

There are many factors contributing to the growing need for quality, engaging branded content. But one factor sticks out in particular according to Keith Weed, who was recently named World’s Most Influential CMO. “Something that’s changed dramatically in marketing, is there is so much more need for content than ever before… Due to mobile phones, people are spending three more hours a day on social media! It’s incredible. As a marketer, how do you keep up with that? TRIBE.”

Since launching in the U.S, TRIBE has worked with 90 new U.S-based customers and nearly 4,000 influencers – with 30 to 40 influencers signing up to the platform daily. Additionally, over 10,000 pieces of custom content have been created for brands to utilize in their influencer marketing campaigns, and 150 U.S-based campaigns have been implemented.

Learn more about how you can turn your customers into your creative department on Day One of #DMWF North America, 10:40AM at the Content & Digital Brand Strategy Stage. We look forward to seeing you there!

TRIBE is a self-serve marketplace that connects brands with influencers to generate word-of-mouth marketing and branded content at scale, speed, and a fraction of the cost. The platform has turned traditional Influencer Marketing on its head, by delivering a library of user-generated content upfront, created to a brand’s specifications.

The tech company was founded in Australia in 2015 by Jules Lund and has since expanded into the U.K. (2017) and the U.S. (2019), raising $18 million along the way. TRIBE has connected brands like Amazon, American Express, Facebook, Mars, Procter & Gamble, and Diageo with 53,000 influencers, to create over 650,000 pieces of branded content across 10,000 campaigns.

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