Blissful Media Group
Stand No: 53

Blissful Media Group, is a full-service influencer marketing agency based in the NYC Metro area founded in 2008.  Blissful Media Group utilizes over 10 years of experience to help its clients create and implement effective and impactful influencer marketing strategies and campaigns. 

BMG helps its clients identify, secure and activate influencers with engaged, targeted audiences to create content that resonates with its clients’ desired audience and drives results for campaigns. They believe in the human creative element combined with the power of technology to identify and partner with the right influencers for its clients. 


Blissful Media Group is one of the Founding Board Members of the newly-formed trade organization, Influencer Marketing Association.


The agency works across many categories, including:  Lifestyle, Parenting, Food & Beverage, Technology, Home Decor, Entertainment, Social Change, Retail, and many more.

Recent clients include GoDaddy, Hyundai, TikTok, Kobrand Wine & Spirits, Washington Prime Group, and more. 

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