Stand No: 48

Social Native has built a world-class team & product that’s bringing high performing creative options to the forefront of brand advertising, with greater speed & lower costs than anything ever seen.

Social Native is a content creation marketplace that connects brands with authentic creators for high-quality content on demand. Social Native’s clients use this UGC to fuel their marketing, from billboards to Instagram ads to email marketing, and brands such as Crocs, Nestle Waters, Dollar Shave Club and Clinique have reduced costs by up to 91% and seen a 4x increase in CTR, 78% decrease in CPA and 172% increase in sales.

The company has executed more than 2k brand campaigns, paid over $5 million to its creators and created over 150k pieces of branded content. Described as the “Uber of content,” Social Native is quickly becoming the go-to source for brands looking to enhance their marketing with great content