WIN Marketing
Stand No: 10

Welcome to Influencer and Content Creator Agency – What I Need Marketing! Founded by Merve Yalim in sunny Miami back in 2019, our agency was born with a mission to bring you all-encompassing marketing solutions. Fast forward to 2023, and we’ve undergone an exciting transformation, solidifying our position as a powerhouse Influencer and Content Creator Agency. Our tailored services cater to clients near and far, making waves in the local and global markets.

At the heart of our agency lies the dynamic collective known as W.I.N.ners – our carefully curated influencers who are ready to amplify your brand’s voice. But we’re not just about digital reach; we’re deeply connected to our roots here in Miami, lending our support to the vibrant local scene through the creative talents of our content creators.

Join us on this journey of innovation and impact, as we blend marketing prowess with influencer magic. Welcome to a new era of marketing possibilities with Influencer and Content Creator Agency – What I Need Marketing.