As a seasoned Research Consultant at Brandwatch, Alfonso has a proven track record of delivering tailored social listening solutions to global brands across diverse industries. His MarTech proficiency has enabled him to provide clients in the tech, agriculture, and entertainment sectors with sophisticated solutions that facilitate informed decision-making.

With a background in Marketing and Communications and a specialization in Business Intelligence from the University of Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, Alfonso has a deep understanding of leveraging social listening to help brands prospect new business opportunities, maintaining cultural relevance in a rapidly evolving social media landscape, and standardizing regional campaign tracking efforts.

Alfonso’s passion for diversity and multilateral perspectives has propelled him to actively participate in strategic research projects involving multiple markets in different languages,including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, English, and Italian. This global outlook has equipped him with the agility to discern subtle nuances between audiences and collaborate seamlessly as an extension of his clients’ teams, delivering impactful social listening solutions that unlock untapped growth opportunities.

With an unwavering commitment to helping his clients in achieving success, Alfonso continuously seeks new and innovative approaches. He eagerly anticipates both sharing his expertise and learning from attendees and fellow speakers at MRMW 2023.