Angelica Gustilo Ong (Angie) works as a senior strategist for UNICEF’s global digital marketing and social media initiatives on Innovation.  Prior to joining UNICEF, she has worked with numerous tech start-ups, digital marketing, and educational institutions leading their digital marketing campaigns, optimization strategies, content generation, and account client management.

Angelica holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and an Executive Masters of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about creating opportunities to connect people and experiences, and in drawing upon multidisciplinary approaches to positively impact people’s lives. Shaping her professional career – is her interests in connectivity, diversity, ideation, storytelling, innovation, social networks, and digitalization.

She has a secret love affair with cooking. She finds it both therapeutic and a way to express her creativity. In a different life – she probably would have been an artist of some sort – as she loves painting, designing, dancing, and singing. She finds inspiration, joy, and thrill in traveling – which she’s confesses (that sometimes), gets out of control.

More about UNICEF – Innovation

UNICEF has a 70-year history of innovating for children. UNICEF’s believe that new approaches, partnerships, and technologies that support realizing children’s rights are critical to improving their lives. The Office of Innovation is a creative, interactive, and agile team in UNICEF.

In a sentence: The Office sits at a unique intersection, where an organization that works on huge global issues meets the startup thinking, the technology, and the partners that turn this energy into scalable solutions. UNICEF’s Office of Innovation specifically looks to form partnerships around frontier technologies (like drones and UAVs, blockchain, 21st century skills, urban technologies, new banking tools, or 3D-Printing) that exist at the intersection of $100 billion business markets and 1 billion person needs – and to identify how they can grow and scale profitably and inclusively.