Jason A. Wood is the Founder and CEO of Specificity, Inc., the first-of-its-kind digital marketing firm already recognized for its contribution to innovation in AdTech in the 21st Century. The industry required new targeting and customer acquisition solutions to address the historic changes Google and Apple have implemented. By eliminating how AdTech firms operated in the previous decade, the door was open for a new player to step-up and address panic within the space. Enter Specificity. Using its proprietary device identification tools, Specificity has identified the only solution to date that enables a new world order of tracking and targeting via online advertising.

Known for his out-of-the-box strategic thinking, Mr. Wood visualized a solution that didn’t require data points from Google, Apple, or anyone else during the last decade. His concept would deliver a richer quality application that would be available to everyone worldwide. This new concept has allowed Specificity to deploy new digital marketing technology and implementation tools – tools so simple yet providing far-reaching measurable campaign results that clients experience ROI and ROAS over 40% compared to peer campaigns that deliver at best 5%.

With a strategy that invests entirely in developing proprietary, laser-focused tools and solutions, Specificity delivers marketing campaigns so much more granularly targeted that social media platforms cannot compete. Already, Specificity maintains four portfolio companies, each offering new and unique ways to reach hyper-focused audiences and boost client sales. Specificity is entirely sure of its ability to serve its clients precisely and thoroughly; without a doubt, it operates without any contractual obligations for all campaigns of any size, shape, or genre. Mr. Wood is confident that once clients see the results of Specificity’s solutions, there is simply no reason to tie them to a contract when they are delighted with the results; they will have no choice but to select Specificity as their partner.

Before transferring to Southwest Missouri State University, Mr. Wood studied Marketing at the University of Missouri on a full athletic scholarship. After college, Mr. Wood returned to his hometown of Springfield, Missouri, where he began his successful sales career. This skill set has helped him grow Specificity into a thriving marketing service firm positioned for the next decade and beyond. Mr. Wood has been recognized for his unique talent, having been awarded the top-performing salesperson delineation at every company he worked with.

Specificity continues to illustrate its pivotal business model and ability to generate revenue for its clients. In only three years since opening its doors, it completed a successful Initial Public Offering of stock during the second half of 2022,  a feat no less outstanding given the challenging US economy and indications of recession in play during that time.

Mr. Wood is known for his fast thinking, brilliant marketing strategies, and ability to develop relevant, advanced technology solutions. Mr. Wood enjoys golf, tennis, and time with his family when not sharing his passion for Specificity’s unique technology infrastructure. He is also a loyal Kansas City Royals and Chiefs fan.