Laura’s superhero cape is invisible but always radiates sunshine. Well, most of the time. Laura has excellent planning and organization skills, a fearless commitment to creative results and innovative ideas. Man, does she love a good whiteboard. With a passion for research and writing, and a positive outlook, she’s provided strategic leadership on companies from Nestlé USA to Smucker’s Natural Food and from Siemens Energy to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. She brings an expansive perspective to Chemistry with her international experience, having worked at Edelman on brand experiences for Pedigree, the European Commission, and PepsiCo’s 7up while living in Dublin, Ireland. She’s a LUMA Institute certified facilitator of Human-Centered Design. When not she’s not working, you’ll most likely encounter her trail running with a bunch of pups, exploring the benefits of mindfulness, or chowing down on a huge medium-rare burger and savoring a big glass of Malbec.