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Join Digital Marketing Innovator, CJ Johnson, in this trailblazing session tailored for the DMWF audience as he reveals the future of advertising through the power of Impact Storytelling. Learn to cultivate a distinctive voice, style, and tone, while leveraging new resources like AI for efficient and impactful marketing campaigns that resonate. In this concise yet insightful presentation, CJ Johnson will cover: Crafting Compelling Stories: Create emotionally engaging narratives that connect with your target audience and drive loyalty, AI-Powered Efficiency: Discover how AI can optimize your workflow, allowing you to focus on high-impact marketing strategies and Cutting-Edge Advertising Tactics: Stay ahead with innovative techniques tailored for America’s credit unions, utilizing the latest digital marketing trends. After this session, you’ll be armed with a wealth of practical strategies, tools, and an understanding of how to harness Impact Storytelling to revolutionize your marketing efforts

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CJ Johnson

GQ Magazine Insider, Brand Consultant

Condé Nast

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12:00PM - Day 2

View AI-Enhanced Impact Storytelling: Transforming Digital Marketing for the Future

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