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  • In 2018, HSBC made history becoming the first major bank in the world to deploy a customer facing social humanoid robot and cutting edge wearable technology for staff in a bank branch
  • These historic and world-first technology implementations have improved employee communication, efficiency and significantly improved engagement and customer service
  • HSBC has become known for having the happiest faces and great big smiles at their new branch of the future flagship in New York with over 600 million UMPV and search for the viral hashtag on social media #MeetPepper to see for yourself
  • Hear exclusively from Head of Innovation Jeremy K. Balkin to outline how Innovation is essential to delighting customers and deepening long term personalized human relationships in a world that is highly competitive and technology driven

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Jeremy Balkin

Head Of Innovation


Associated Talks:

09:10AM - Day 1

View Case Study: How To Give Your People Superhuman Capabilities

03:00PM - Day 1

View Panel: How will Disruptive Technology Trends Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

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