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    Day 2


  • Defining an all-encompassing strategy that determines how you approach communications across all your digital channels
  • Setting a core goal for your digital content strategy, supported by a set of key performance indicators that help you monitor and evaluate your strategy over time
  • Communicating with all your audiences – having micro, one-to-one, two-way conversations
  • What platforms perform best?
  • How will you generate value that exceeds the investment?

Associated Speakers:

Jennifer Verdon

Social Media Strategist

Jennifer Verdon

Associated Talks:

04:10PM - Day 2

View Digital Well-Being: A movement of Happier, Healthier People

12:50PM - Day 1

View Panel: Future of Social: What Marketers need to know for 2019 & beyond

03:40PM - Day 2

View Digital Content Strategy – Objectives, KPI’s and Feedback to Refine the Marketing Mix

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