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  • Maybe you’ve paid for a TV show or a documentary just to win an award at Sundance or on a yacht in France…?
  • Maybe you paid for product placement in a hit show just to have THAT celebrity touch/drink/wear your product…?
  • But does it matter? What’s the return on this?  Do you actually WANT to sell more product, or just be a part of the zeitgeist?

Associated Speakers:

Michele Fino

Head of Branded Entertainment


Associated Talks:

12:30PM - Day 2

View Branded Entertainment Playbook: The Top of the Top of the Marketing Funnel is Entertainment. Here’s how to do it Right.

03:20PM - Day 2

View Panel: Importance of DE&I initiatives in your brand strategy

05:00PM - Day 1

View Panel: Driving engagement with video-based content

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