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Across every enterprise, analytics serve as the caretaker of data. Yet streamlining and harnessing that data is easier said than done. The remedy? Effective data storytelling i.e., how to effectively communicate insights that can have a huge impact on an organization’s success. It can be noted that in many organizations the data and analytical functions can be guilty of making complex situations even more challenging by providing insights that are complicated to the layman executive. According to McKinsey, organizations are investing trillions of dollars to become more data-driven, but only 8% of organizations are successfully scaling analytics to get value from their data.

Join this session to ensure that the data-driven insights you deliver are useful, trusted and compelling to the business.

  • If the job of analytics is to “understand complexity and deliver simplicity”, do we think analytics departments, overall, achieve this?
  • What do you think is standing in the way of many analytics functions from delivering simplicity?
  • How do you ensure the insights you’re delivering are useful to the business?

Associated Speakers:

Avinash Tripathi

VP of Analytics

University of Phoenix

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02:10PM - Day 2

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