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Regulations around data are changing by the day. 3rd party cookies are going away and 2022 looms in the future. Furthermore, without 3rd party cookies, attribution will decrease, return on ad spend will drop and revenue will decrease. No need to panic – pivot to a first-party data strategy to ensure you are prepared!

In this session we will discuss the upcoming changes around 3rd party cookies, how to future proof your data for the new regulations, and how to ensure your customer experience is impacted for the better. After this session, you’ll be able to

  • Fully understand and articulate the upcoming browser regulations
  • Understand how consent plays into your marketing techniques
  • Put together a plan to pivot to 1st party data
  • Drive impactful experiences for your customers in 2022 and beyond


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Bridgette Doig

Strategic Data Executive


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09:20AM - Day 2

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