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Comprising 40% of global consumers with an estimated spending power of $150 billion in the US alone, Gen Z is an audience that cannot be overlooked. The challenge is—while the impacts of the pandemic have been widespread—the generation coming of age today has arguably been hit the hardest. From bearing the brunt of job loss to reporting the highest rates of stress and other mental health issues, the past year has been a heavy burden on a generation already experiencing the weight of a climate crisis, fight for racial justice, school shootings, and rising inequality in their formative years. Now more than ever before, after 2020 has flipped the script on what is expected and what is possible, young people continue to lead the way in demanding a better world and working to make it happen. Consequently, the stakes for brands and organizations to get it right are higher than ever. Gen Z’s influence is and will continue to be make or break for your brand.

In this session, we’ll dive into:

    • What the latest research shows about Gen Z, including how they are experiencing the impacts of the pandemic and how that, in turn, has impacted their expectations and desires of brands today.
    • Why accountability and leadership matter more than ever moving into 2021 and beyond, as well as lessons from brands who are getting it right according to Gen Z
    • Tangible ways to connect, engage, and sustain relationships with young consumers

Associated Speakers:

Mary Noel

Director of Business Development


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12:00PM - Day 1

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