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The world is calling for innovative thinkers. But how? Where? Whatever the job or department, everyone faces problems — small, big and gargantuan. Every story of a good innovation — whether it’s a new product, a new service, a new business model or a new form of governance — begins and ends with people’s experience. So, burn the brief. Yup, burn it up. Tear it up. Light fire to our sacred process and documents. Instead, let’s make creativity non-denominational. Let’s spend (much) more of our power (and resources) investigating the challenges and the experiences of the people we are serving with our creations.

In this session, Laura will take about the basic shape of putting people at the forefront of your work and how you might encourage your team to burn an initial brief. Attend this session and learn:

  • How individuals and teams can become confident and capable problem-solvers.
  • Think differently and work a on culture of co-collaboration.
  • What and how leaders should be thinking about to prepare for what’s next.

Associated Speakers:

Laura Forester

Vice President, Director of Strategy & Engagement

Chemistry Agency

Associated Talks:

10:30AM - Day 2

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