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In this engaging and lively session, email marketing expert Julia Scott will share savvy examples of three email automation series that boost customer engagement, increase sales, and allow brands to create an intentional message that resonates with customers.

This talk will overview:

  • Welcome Series
    • Don’t overlook this essential “first date” with eager or new customers
    • Benefits of this series
    • Examples
  • Abandoned Cart Series
    • Squeeze sales out of your email by providing customers with a convenient way to shop
    • Benefits of this series
    • Examples
  •  Post-Purchase Series
    • Build excitement and loyalty by reaffirming your customer’s choice to buy
    • Benefits of this series
    • Examples

Associated Speakers:

Julia Scott

Founder & CEO

J.Scott Marketing

Associated Talks:

10:30AM - Day 2

View Three Email Automation Series to Rock Customer Engagement & Sales

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