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Understanding large consumer categories can be intimidating, add social media data and it might seem impossible to make sense of what your consumer base really wants and how your brand is being perceived.

Join Emily Ralston, Senior Solutions Consultant at NetBase Quid, for a session on leveraging social and media data to build a robust understanding of your customer through identifying what’s driving consumer interest, measuring how brands are being perceived, finding whitespace opportunities and more.

You’ll explore case studies anchored around sustainability in CPG and pick up practical tips on:

  1. Segmenting data to enhance your desk research
  2. Minimize bias in your analyses
  3. Identify opportunities to align product launches or brand messaging with the demands of your market

Associated Speakers:

Emily Ralston

Senior Solutions Consultant

NetBase Quid

Associated Talks:

09:40AM - Day 1

View Virtual: Breaking Down the Consumer Landscape of Sustainable Packaging

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