Day 1 - 11 September 2019

Content & Digital Brand Strategy


Content & Digital Brand Strategy – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Keeping on Brand: Streamling your Digital Strategy

  • How to create a consistent message across your digital channels
  • Creating a multi-channel customer experience
  • Placing budget in your brand experience
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 4 – Day 1

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Robert Monek

Executive Producer, Digital & Social Media

Disney ABC

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 1

View Panel: Video and Ephemeral Content – How Brands should Effectively Storytell in a Crowded Environment

10:30AM - Day 1

View Panel: The Future of Customer Centricity; How Digital Insights Are Changing the Way Brands Identify, Analyse and Engage with Consumers

10:00AM - Day 1

View Video and Ephemeral Content – the Present and Future King. Effective Storytelling in a Crowded Environment

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Panel: Video and Ephemeral Content – How Brands should Effectively Storytell in a Crowded Environment

  • Exploring the rise of Snapchat/Instagram ephemeral content – storytelling in 10s or less
  • The dominance of video across social platforms
  • Targeting your audience on platforms they already exist
  • Looking to the future – how effective storytelling will generate ROI
. Robert Monek, Executive Producer, Digital & Social Media, Disney ABC
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 5 – Day 1

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Speed Networking & Break


Video Marketing is here to stay: Capitalising on Live, Short & Long Lived Content

  • The value of video of marketing
  • Creating interactive experience through video
  • Integrating across your omnichannel experience 
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Lunchtime Sponsor Presentation 5- Day 1

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Lunch Break


Panel: Customer Engagement Strategies with Content Marketing & New Technologies

  • Exploring content types; video, news, blogs and innovative ways of interaction
  • Why a Mobile First Approach?
  • How to gain trust through Content Marketing?
  • The Impact of AI assistants and customer interaction with content
  • The future of  customer engagement with the rise of voice-controlled Search
  • The consumer shift – what are the expectations & purchasing habits with new technologies – AR, VR & AI
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Afternoon Sponsor Presentation 6 – Day 1

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Build Loyalty Through Brand-Led Omnichannel Experiences

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Networking Break


Afternoon Sponsor Presentation 11 – Day 1

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Panel: Keeping Content King

  • Discerning consumers; Conveying authenticity and transparency
  • The importance of creating omnichannel & multimedia campaigns
  • Is video the future of content?
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Jonathan Pelosi

Head of Industry, Mobile Apps, Americas


Associated Talks:

05:10PM - Day 1

View Mobile Apps as Vehicle for Driving Brand Loyalty

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Mobile Apps as Vehicle for Driving Brand Loyalty

Marketers today recognize the growing importance of cultivating a loyal customer base. Turns out, a brands mobile app can serve as one of the most effective vehicles for building loyal relationships with their consumers. Come learn from Jonathan Pelosi, as he shares Google’s latest research and insights on how mobile apps can drive loyalty, and how you as marketers can make the most of this opportunity.

. Jonathan Pelosi, Head of Industry, Mobile Apps, Americas, Google
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Networking Drinks