Day 1 - 5 October 2022


NetBase Quid Presentation

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Panel: The Impact of Social Media in 2022

  • Reviewing social platforms new and old and the opportunities available for marketers.
  • The challenges marketers will face in 2022 in social strategies and how to overcome them.
  • How marketers can harness learning from the pandemic to empower engagement strategies.
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Exploring Data-Driven Social Strategies

  • Benefits from adopting a data-driven mindset for social media marketing
  • Giving your data context via social audiences
  • Streamlining your message to speak to your customers
  • Creating a relationship to lead to conversion
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Pulsar Presentation

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Community building to engage GenZ audiences

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Panel: The power of online communities

  • Reviewing the importance online communities are for brands in 2022
  • How to build the right community for your business?
  • Exploring tactics businesses can utilise within their own communities to engage customers
  • How using social media communities to grow your brand online
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Connective3 Presentation

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Day 2 - 6 October 2022


Breaking Moulds in Social and Storytelling strategies

  • Learn why stripping and cleansing your channels and accounts can open doors
  • Using data analysis and listening to create new frameworks for engagements and performance
  • Breaking barriers and using “beyond the product” methodology in your campaigns
  • How to overcome roadblocks and top tips to breaking the mould in future strategies
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Driving and scaling a social media culture

  • Demonstrating the value of social media
  • Understanding and managing key stakeholders
  • Generating enthusiasm
  • Managing change
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