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While TECHNOLOGY is the underlying engine that drives any Digital Marketing Transformation, the ultimate success of that transformation relies on PEOPLE & PROCESSES.

This session will focus on sharing the practicalities & learnings to date of implementing such a transformation, based on the experience of HP Inc, which is now nearly 2 years into their journey.

The session will use the example of how this transformation has impacted HP Inc’s B2B Marketing, in particular the adoption of ABM (Account-Based Marketing).

Key learning points:

  • Why HP Inc. embraced Digital Marketing Transformation?
  • What we’ve done to enable that – highlighting how that is impacting our People & Processes
  • What the challenges have been/are
  • What we’ve achieved (& where we still want to go!)


Associated Speakers:

Mary Carse

Digital Marketing Transformation Lead for NA & LATAM

HP Inc.

Associated Talks:

12:30PM - Day 1

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