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Thanks to mobile technology, companies can now engage with most of the world’s population in an instant. But our “Phono-Sapien” planet behaves differently to their predecessors. What is needed to reach the modern consumer is not new technology, but a new philosophy. OpenMarket’s Chief Evangelist and Guardian contributor Oisin Lunny will demonstrate how this year’s “killer app” is a mindset.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How modern consumers have zero tolerance for a bad customer experience (CX)
  • The importance of Empathetic Interactions for the right CX
  • Real world examples of Empathetic UX design, and why it matters
  • Why AI and chatbots can uniquely deliver Empathetic Interactions at scale
  • Tools for delivering a world-class CX by anticipating customers’ needs at the right time
  • How RCS messaging technology will replace many of today’s apps

Associated Speakers:

Oisin Lunny

Journalist, Event MC and Fortune 500 Podcast Host

Oisin Lunny

Associated Talks:

04:30PM - Day 2

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