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Millennial parents are looking for true and authentic storytelling and they prefer brands that align with their values. Storytelling creates empathy and connection, just what millennials are looking for from brands.  In one study, an overwhelming 90% of Millennials say brand authenticity is important, proving that younger consumers prefer ‘real and organic’ over ‘perfect and packaged’.

We will explore how Influencer marketing can provide “real and organic” connection and the importance of a great content angle and providing the right kind of influencer direction that still leaves room for personal style and creativity. Influencers both create authentic narratives that consumers can relate to and also help build a sense of community, people that the consumers can relate to.  When consumers are able to connect with a brand beyond product and become part of the community they are both more engaged and more loyal.


Associated Speakers:

Christina Soletti

Director, Social Media + Community


Associated Talks:

02:40PM - Day 1

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