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We are in the middle of the next big shift in the advertising industry. One that has emerged due to a series of monumental changes. Throughout it all, the power of the consumer has become increasingly evident and has acted as an additional catalyst in driving massive change. The result is a call to action for advertisers: to meet consumer expectations of personalized, authentic, and frictionless experiences without sacrificing their equal, if not heightened, emphasis on data and privacy. Join Simon Whitcombe, VP of Global Marketing Solutions for the U.S. at Facebook, as he delivers an invitation to the advertising industry to rise together and embrace the opportunities that now exist, modernizing previously held truths about marketing strategies, KPIs, privacy, measurement, creativity and more.

Join this session and learn:

  • How rapid shifts in eCommerce and rising consumer expectations have driven massive changes in the advertising and marketing landscape, specifically how these changes are impacting businesses’ ability to reach people with relevant, timely ads
  • How Facebook is building solutions rooted technology so that privacy and personalization can co-exist to enable businesses of all sizes to welcome serendipitous discovery and consumers to have delightful, frictionless experiences
  • Why marketers need to innovate today and start thinking differently about everything, including marketing strategy, KPIs, media channels, creative, measurement, and privacy
  • What steps marketers can take to build long-term, people-centric approaches to prepare for the future of performance marketing

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Simon Whitcombe

VP Global Marketing Solutions, US


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02:20PM - Day 1

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