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Accessibility – B2B buying groups are growing, with a broader range of stakeholders influencing purchase decisions (including end-users). Buyers today rely on consensus, so marketers must expand the focus from a core decision-maker to a broader audience across the business.
  • Expand focus to reach a broader audience
  • Evolve your process to reach buyer groups
  • Pinpoint differentiators to influence purchase decisions
Discoverability – Buyers are turning to a variety of sources more than ever before. It’s no longer enough to be present on search and drive buyers to your website. Marketers must engage at new points of discovery.
  • Understand the touchpoints of information
  • Explore points of interest in the market
·Credibility – With so much digital content available today, buyers turn to trusted sources to build confidence in their purchase decisions.
  • Recognize what drives influence and best align your strategy
  • Respect the evidence found in consumption habit data

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Andrea Brown

Head of Industry


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02:00PM - Day 1

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