Day 1 - 22 September 2021


The Importance of a Brand Footprint: How Re-shaping Content Strategy will Impact Brand Ownership

  • Owning your content footprint
  • Why is governance on your content & platforms where shared the next big thing?
  • Re-investment in brand-led content strategy principles.
  • How does your brand footprint impact your ROI?
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Panel: Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Content Marketing

  • Video is the Future – but how can brands effectively use video & live-streams to create impact and reaction
  • The importance of creating omnichannel campaigns and optimising content for voice search
  • Delivering dynamic content & enhancing customer experience
  • Looking to the future – how effective storytelling will generate ROI
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Be Fearlessly Authentic in your Content Strategy

  • Why it’s important to create authentic marketing content
  • How to share content that will grow consumer trust
  • How to embrace and embody an authentic approach to content creation
  • Exploring personalization to show your brand is listening to customers
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Bringing Your Brand to Life Through Content and Engagement Campaigns

  • Create a digital network ecosystem (digital community) to amplify messages and drive engagement.
  • Maintain the ‘social’ aspect of social media; ensure your branded content retains personality.
  • Use data to inform your content
  • Build audience loyalty through consistent and engaging content
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Panel: Brand Engagement: How to Connect with Consumers in the Digital Age

  • Why the definition of “brand” has changed in the digital age and what it means to marketers & consumers
  • Exploring how brands must innovate in the digital age from design, product & customer experience
  • In the age of digital transformation and a mobile-first world, what can brands to survive & thrive for consumers
  • Creating a defined cohesive brand identity  in the digital age
  • Where will the digital age take brands next…
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Community-Based Approach To Brand Strategy

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Panel: The Art of Storytelling in 2021

  • How to create a compelling brand story that helps engage and influence customers
  • Exploring mediums available how consumers are engaging AR, VR, Video, Social media & beyond
  • Why Data-Driven Storytelling will  create visually stunning stories but cut through the noise online
  • Enhancing engagement with customer-centric & customer-led storytelling
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Importance of UGC: The Invaluable Addition to your Content Strategy

  • How user-generated content is a fundamental element of any engaging marketing strategy
  • Tactics for using UGC to connect and create content that resonates with customers
  • Exploring human-centred marketing strategies
  • How to use UGC to build communities and identify authentic brand influencers
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