Day 1 - 22 September 2021


Connecting the Consumer Experience through Digital Transformation

  • Delivering connected, personalized experiences for customer, partners & employees
  • Understanding that the consumer wants it all but how to deliver top business priorities
  • Reducing friction & creating a connected experience
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Panel: 2020 Vision – Building a Customer Centric Digital Strategy

  • Importance of understanding the consumer in 2020
  • Building a customer-centric strategy that will enhance results
  • Transforming customer experience by driving emotional connections
  • How to amplify digital experiences using digital consumer data
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Embracing the Three A’s: Analytics, AI & Automation in your Marketing Strategy

  • Tailoring outreach to connect with customers seamlessly at the right place & right time
  • Stripping back to basic – understanding customer needs and how to engage with your insights
  • Why will the three A’s will enhance your campaigns but create 1:1 customer connections
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The Age of Agile Marketing

We all know how digital technology allows marketers to engage in new ways to meet customers’ needs far more effectively. But Agile, in the marketing context, means using data and analytics to continuously source opportunities or solutions to problems in real-time. To be effective though marketing and supporting functions need to work together to be agile: Simply put: if you’re not agile all the way, then you’re not agile.

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Panel: Data-Driven Marketing: Making Sense of Data to Improve your Marketing Strategy

  • Discussing the latest data-driven technologies that help to make the most of cross-platform behavioral targeting
  • Understanding your data and how to organize, analyze and apply that data to better marketing efforts
  • How to use insights to accelerate customer understanding & campaigns
  • How a data-driven open untapped growth in customer personalization, experience, product development & brand clarity
  • Choosing a data management platform
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Mobile Transformation – Your Journey to a Better Web

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Panel: Building Diverse Teams for Innovation

  • Reviewing the digital changes, challenges and opportunities marketers will face in the next five years
  • Understand how global companies transformed into innovation-led businesses
  • Why your “Employees” are the most critical factor for a successful digital transformation
  • Understand how managers can foster a culture of experimentation
  • Creating a culture in which risk-taking is acceptable
  • How to prepare your team for the coming wave of new technologies in digital marketing?
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Building an Effective SEO Strategy

Building an effective SEO strategy that covers the 4 pillars for success. This session will overview key strategies for 2020 across SEO from technical, content, onsite  SEO and offsite SEO.

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