Day 2 - 25 March 2021


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Digital Experience & eCommerce Strategy – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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How Content Drives Culture and Commerce

  • Understanding the world we live in where content drives culture & culture drives commerce
  • Brands taking ownership of their content and relationships with consumers
  • Building a holistic strategy balancing that drives the consumer journe
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Panel: Understanding the Customer Experience in the age of Omni-channel

  • The importance of brands delivering a unique customer experience within their Omni-channels
  • Why customer experience is beyond the online channels
  • Why insights will support interactive experiences for customers
  • How to support an integrated experience across multi-channels
  • Why UX can not be forgotten when delivering digital experiences
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Digital Experience & eCommerce Strategy Sponsor Morning Presentation

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Morning Networking Break


Digital Experience & eCommerce Strategy Sponsor Quick Fire Presentation

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Things Can Only Get Better – Customer Journey Development

  • Techniques for mapping your customer journeys across different touchpoints
  • Technology to identify and recognize your customers
  • Strategies to attract, maintain and retain customers
  • Customer demographics, behavioural, psychographic and transactional data
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Lunch & Networking Break


The ROI of UX in Digital & Marketing Strategies

  • How is User experience is more than just usability?
  • Why is good UX is no longer a luxury – it’s a customer expectation
  • How does UX support brands effectively engaging with customers
  • How Content is Vital to User experience
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Customer Loyalty: How to Improve Retention with Personalization & Digital Experiences

  • What is a great DX and how does that support customer loyalty?
  • How can the latest data-driven technologies help to support customer loyalty with targeting & personalisation?
  • Why should brands look at being agile & customer-centric whilst utilising all resources and insights
  • How can dynamic content across search support customer loyalty?
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DMWF Partner Panel Discussion

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End of Conference