TEDx award-winning Sangbreeta Moitra is a leading expert speaker and strategist on hacking the brain to transform behaviours, powerful communication, leadership presence, authentic engagement and build meaningful relationships with teams, customers and clients during a crisis.

Passionate about the purpose and meaningful change, Sangbreeta’s trusted clients include Nike, Booking, Shell and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. With a background in neurobiology and neuro-psychiatric illness studies, Sangbreeta worked in global management for several years before branching out with her corporate and business advisory, speaking and seminars.

Alongside, Sangbreeta has had a life-long passion for public speaking, debating and storytelling; having received multiple Dutch and European public speaking awards. She has been featured in global publications such as The Huffington Post and Financial Express and has spoken for events and organization summits in the UK, The Netherlands, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Austria, and Norway.

To know more, visit www.sangbreetamoitra.com and connect at www.linkedin.com/in/sangbreeta