Why is it important to participate in digital marketing conferences for digital agencies?

By: Gizem Tas

February 5, 2020


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There are many reasons to attend digital marketing conferences that unite marketing people. Experienced directors and interns, brands and influencers mingle and get to know each other in these events.

We agree that we are all busy to spend time on events that contribute to our skills and us. The world is getting more and more digital, and it is getting harder to meet people face to face. Considering this hardship, it is a great idea to attend digital marketing conferences whenever you can.

There are countless digital event benefits to speak about. But, before getting there, let’s talk about what are digital marketing conferences.

What are digital marketing conferences?

Nowadays, we can hold even meetings and conferences and reach podcasts, blogs online. That sounds amazing, especially if you are aware of the importance of life-long learning. However, digital marketing conferences offer more than that!

These events are great chances to find inspiration, to establish valuable relationships, and present your potential to gurus in your sector. Across the world, masters in digital marketing are showing up in digital marketing conferences to share their ideas and knowledge. Such gatherings are usually organized under specific themes, and welcome people interested in these themes.

So, what are the reasons to attend digital marketing conference other than these?

Digital marketing conference benefits

Digital agencies prefer attending conferences to share and grasp the trends in marketing in a more focused way. But, all the efforts spent on these events target more and deliver more!

1. Building bridges between marketing people

One of the best digital marketing conference benefits is to enlarge your network and build real relationships with people. In business life, the network is key to the success of agencies and their employees. However, without a real relationship, this network can be just a bunch of phone numbers and e-mails. It is not useful for the future.

People tend to contact with people they have met in person. When you are in an event, you can introduce yourself and your marvelous works. That is much more effective than sharing and sending online portfolios. You can even meet the boss of your dream agency or find your best employee during the digital marketing events.

2. Learning constantly and inspirationally

There is no doubt that online pieces of training are great, but what can compete with sharing the same venue with successful marketing professionals. A digital marketing event is a fruitful school for those who are eager to learn. They are not one-dimensional sessions that are open to distraction, but an integrated experience with many stimuli.

Digital event benefits also come from the chances to join discussions during the conferences. You will be there to ask questions or answer them, and listen to what is spoken among marketing people.

3. Having fun with like-minded people

When we say conference, it sounds formal and educational, but marketing people are usually fun, and so are these organizations. People who are setting the scene for a gathering are not only thinking about speakers and topics to talk about. They usually serve delicious snacks and drinks.

That is the time to relax and get social with people who are working for the marketing sector just like you. You have a lot in common, and you can have fun with these people during these events. Meeting like-minded people is not a piece of cake these days.

4. Grasping new ideas for your future strategies

Digital marketing is a living sector, and it is always changing. That is why you have to update your strategies to make your company or your customers successful in digital. Refreshing your know-how and finding better solutions to your needs on social media, blogs, or more will be much easier when you attend a digital marketing conference.

It is a common topic to share case studies during these conferences. We can assure you that there will be similar cases to yours. Listening to what other marketing people are doing will give you helpful ideas to amend your services. So one of the reasons to attend digital marketing conference is that you will leave the venue with brand new ideas to set an efficient content marketing strategy.

5. Planning your dream career

Digital marketing events are not all about your services, but also your professional life. Meeting people, hearing new ideas, listening to the case studies, and other people’s stories will provide you with insight to plan your future career.

Which direction to go next and how to develop yourself for reaching your dream career will be crystal clear. Every next step requires time and knowledge in professional life. After learning more about the sector, you can find out what you like most and what you are capable of.

Author: Gizem Tas
Writer, editor, and translator. Experienced in blogging for marketing, translation, localization, and foreign languages with a degree focused in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University.