Lisa is a Marketing Strategy Executive with experience developing and executing integrated, omni-channel marketing campaigns and strategies within industries spanning from telecom, automotive, media, and retail. Prior to her career in marketing strategy, she was a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and transitioned following business school. In her current role, her responsibilities include pricing and loyalty campaigns at Verizon, and she previously led communications, promotions, and member experiences for Verizon Up. Verizon Up is Verizon’s award-winning loyalty program which offers rewards ranging from top branded gift cards to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Verizon Up has won 10 Loyalty 360 Awards and Lisa has personally been recognized with Verizon Spotlight Awards for going far above and beyond and demonstrating Verizon’s Core Values.

Additionally, Lisa is the Chief Strategy Officer of BioOx, a biotechnology company which has a whole family of products based on the science of ROx (reserve Oxygen) and our patented biological technology. BioOx holds 30 patents in 30 countries and was founded by a renowned research scientist who worked in a Nobel prize-winning laboratory.

Lisa holds an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business, a BS in Chemistry from Gettysburg College, as well as Certificates from Columbia Business School and Wharton Executive Education. She also received a patent and publication for her research discoveries when she worked as a research scientist.