Eugene Santos is the Head for Digital Content & Social Media Marketing in the United States for ROYCE’ Chocolate, a Japanese luxury confections brand from Hokkaido that has a growing following and business in over 14 countries worldwide. A crucial part of his daily responsibilities involves maintaining and developing the brand’s voice in a culturally and socially diverse country such as the US through various strategies such as social media and newsletter campaigns production and management, customer interactions both online and offline, and daily content monitoring of ROYCE’ Chocolate’s US website, among others.

He mostly has a culturally empathizing and editorial approach to his job, which he has honed in his journalism background in both the Philippines and New York. He started as a Lifestyle Reporter for the Manila Bulletin, a Philippine newspaper majorly circulated nationwide in print and digital formats. It’s a position that trained him to be more sensitive in approaching and dealing with people from different backgrounds. This respectful yet casual professional principle proved to be useful when he pursued a Masters Degree in Multimedia Journalism at New York University and worked briefly at Accessories Magazine, a fashion trade publication. At ROYCE’ Chocolate, his multicultural sensitivities became an asset for both the brand’s internal and external communications by constantly striking a healthy balance between the brand’s genteel image with roots in Japanese values and workmanship and the straightforward demeanor of consumers and retailers in the US.