Jimmy Newson’s purpose is the help entrepreneurs and SMB’s attract and convert high-quality leads into happy customers.  His mission is to help them leverage technology to save time and money while increasing productivity and their bottom line.

As the marketing director of the New York Marketing Association, Jimmy Newson is a multi-certified inbound marketing and sales consultant, as well as an author of several ebooks including “The Real Importance of Inbound Marketing” and “Your Customer Buyer’s Journey.”  Jimmy Newson is responsible for helping his customers generate high-quality leads and increase their bottom line.  Through his coaching, consulting, and public speaking, he effectively teaches businesses how to initiate effective online marketing strategies.  Jimmy is also an NYC Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business & Finance Commission Member.  You can connect with him on Twitter at @jimmynewson1  or on LinkedIn @ linkedin.com/in/jimmynewson.